Work in progress

(With the advent of the Video page, this stuff is almost completely out of date. All the tunes listed here are on the Video page. I’m going to have to rethink this...)

These tracks are all being developed now. They're all in a state of flux, as I work out the arrangements and the production.

The oldest ones will tend to be the most complete, while the newest ones may be no more than voice and guitar (and probably the ubiquitous thump of my stomp box or tambourine).

  • Say You Will

    Guide track. This has been kicking around for months but I haven’t decided how to arrange it yet. This is the guide track just so I have something to work with

  • Without Words

    Enthusiastic nonsense. This demo currently lacks the latest tweak - a refrain of 'Doncha Wanna' building up towards the end.

  • Small Corner