Epiphone Valve Junior vs Marshall 4140 (2)

I said I would post a recording of the real thing, and it's taken only a week longer than I'd planned, but I'm guessing you're used to that by now.

Anyway, without further ado, and with only a discreet fanfare of trumpets, here's another podcast - for guitar and guitar amp enthusiasts only - comparing my new (and heavily modded by Alnicomagnet) Epiphone Valve Junior with my old Marshall 4140 Club and Country.

Epiphone Valve Junior vs Marshall Club & Country

In the podcast I noted that my old Kent Armstrong pickups sounded muddy when the guitar volume was turned down, unlike the stock Telecaster with which I first tested the modded amp. I put this down to the common Telecaster wiring trick of installing a treble bleed capacitor, but Alnicomagnet informs me that his Telecaster has no bleed capacitor.